• Anime was not a mistake.

    This article today is a guest post from Simok of Moonlight Mixtape. Simok is a really thoughtful and interesting writer and musician – I really encourage you all to read this post and engage with it, in your mind and heart (even with some passages that might give you pause) and in the comments below. And then go check out Simok’s blog – a good start there would be through his Me at 22 series. Hi everyone–or minasan konnichiwa, LOL—my name is simok and I love anime… and Christ. This is probably why Charles asked me if I wanted to write a guest post here at BTT, and I was ecstatic when he did. I asked Holy Spirit what He wanted...
  • Summer 2017 Patreon Drive: POP on in, Support the Site, and Get a Reward!

    Our Patreon Drive continues for one more week as we ask you to help support our ministry here at Beneath the Tangles! Remember that if you become a supporter in at least the BRONZE ($5) category by Friday, you’re entered into the drawing for the Kimi no Na wa prize pack; every additional $5 you give allows for another “ticket” into the drawing. But what I’m really excited about during this campaign is the new POP reward we’re giving to our SILVER ($10) and GOLD ($25) supporters! If you enter one of these categories, either during the drive or any time before or after, we’ll send you a POP figure once a year, a little reward through the mail that...
  • Nausicaa of the Valley of Anger and Rage

    I’ve made no bones about it – one of my biggest struggles is with self-control. Confirmed by an emotional intelligence test I took (I strongly recommend that if you can take such an exam and work through the results with an expert, do so), self-control is an area with which I mightily struggle. It extends to all areas of my life – I say things without thinking, I make spur of the moment actions I later regret, and I avoid drinking because I fear what kind of person I might become. Most of all, I see it in my anger. Like many men, I have rage issues, and when they come out I have to go back and repair...
  • Something More: Christian Anime Characters, Death Note Methodology, and the Reverse-Blade Gospel

    kimi no nawa taki x mizuha
    Hola mi amigos! Samura here, back with another edition of Something More. This month, we have a couple posts that are different than our usual line-up of faith and anime, and more posts than ever! TWWK would like to introduce one of these links: Thanks, Samaru! I’ll start us off with a really thoughtful piece that’s been burning up anitwitter. Draggle recently wrote an article about Seikaisuru Kado and nationalism in anime. What’s particularly interesting is that he provides context for that discussion by reminiscing about his experiences with nationalism, specifically in relation to his faith and growing up in the church. A warning and an before you navigate: the post is charged with politics (how could it not be?),...
  • Pixiv Round-up: June 2017

    Here’s this month’s look at fan art from, Pixiv, the Japanese artist site! If you’d like to see a plethora more illustrations, follow our Tumblr account, which focuses primary on fan art. Enjoy! — All illustrations posted with permission or posted from artists who allow reprints. Links given below: Uchiha family (art by 一锅玄哥) Draco and Hermione (art by 一锅玄哥) Kikyo (art by もとび) Miku (art by popuru) Lucy (art by hakire) Digimon girls (art by Ekita玄) Naruto (art by 鳥) Yuri (art by Ekita玄) Girl/cityscape (art by enj!) Featured illustration by wataboku...
  • Summer 2017 Patreon Drive: Support Beneath the Tangles and Win Kimi no Na wa Swag

    kimi no na wa shooting stars
    We’re so excited about this summer drive, and how partnering with you can help us continue to grow our site. When I was considering what we could give away as a grand prize for the drive, one anime kept coming back to my mind: Your Name (Kimi no Na wa). The movie’s popularity has been through the roof, but it’s also a movie that’s a good fit for our site. The director’s focus on loneliness, connection, distance, and love work in tandem with many of the themes we discuss. It’s a meaningful film, and our site is all about meaning – in anime, in life, in faith. One of the pieces of our drive’s Kimi no Na wa grand...
  • Wrestling with God and Hikigaya

    hachiman falls off couch
    For many, God is an impersonal concept. It doesn’t help that cultural connotations made him feel old, archaic, out of touch. But for those of us who have experienced him deeply and know his dynamic love, we understand that he’s personal and with us. We speak to him through prayer – we even plea with him, bargain with him, and wrestle with him. Even if you’ve never struggled with God, you probably understand the idea of struggling with something that’s occupying your mind. At the risk of turning this into an OreGairu blog (I can’t help it – this show is so relatable), I’m going to use another Hikigaya example. Before Hikki gives his “something genuine” speech, a wall...
  • No One is Saved Alone: Farnese’s Journey to Virtue

    Berserk turns many people away with its sex, gore, perversion, and very dark world.  Some might justly wonder whether the series has anything beyond sex, violence, and shock value, but there is plenty of good to the series also.  Much of it comes in watching the heroes becomes better persons throughout the series.  Many people know that Guts’ journey involves his attempts to tamp down his thirst for revenge and his rage against Griffith, his former commander and friend who betrayed Guts and the Band of the Hawk.  Guts frequently comes close to losing his humanity throughout the show, but his companions usually succeed in preventing this.   Another interesting character journey involves Farnese de Vandimion, the noble commander of...
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