• Kino’s Journey ~ The Beautiful World ~ Episode 7: Don’t Look Back

    Kino passes down a tale from her master this week (perhaps another tradition in this world), as Kino’s Journey takes us to na historic nation with an historic recount of an historic event. After a meal reminds her of her master (whom she seems to be seeking), Kino tells Hermes about how the old woman—then young—and her apprentice made an escape from a crooked country by grabbing the upper hand and forcing them to surrender on their terms. It’s a fun episode, one that’s more light-hearted than others, and if I’m being honest, features a pair that’s more endearing than Kino and Hermes. The setup is really nice. In Kino-esque fashion, the master decides that instead of trying to...
  • Newman’s Nook: Fool as Isaiah Figure

    We here at Beneath the Tangles seem to constantly be looking for Christ-like figures in anime. Can you blame us? We are a group of professing Christians who love anime and, frankly, you see self-sacrificing figures seeking to redeem or protect their friends, family, or people in anime on a regular basis. So, Christ-like figures are common in anime. But what of other figures from the Bible? I am doing a sermon on Sunday on Isaiah 6 and have been reading a lot from Isaiah. I am also watching Elegant Yokai Apartment Life. After watching a recent episode, it hit me that Fool is an Isaiah-like figure. Let me explain....
  • Social Media Stink: A Liar Can Smell a Liar

    ryuuji and minori fighting liar
    Throughout high school and into college, it would have been entirely accurate to describe me as a pathological liar. Lies were my truth. I had fabricated a reality and told lie upon lie upon lie to to manipulate those around me and make myself appear a certain way. I was kind of like a less-murderous version of Lelouche, but instead of geass, I used my believability to deceive friends and acquaintances into accepting things about me that were untrue. They mostly believed me, I think, and I even sometimes believed the falsehoods myself. I came out of this phase of my life—no surprise here—after I started really trying to live out my identity in Christ. But though long ago...
  • When You Don’t Yet Have Your Karuta Callouses

    I’m going to be honest with you. The other day, I got frustrated with this blog—not with you, the readers, nor with our wonderful staff, but with our numbers. Our web statistics are down from when we peaked in our readership several years ago. I had quite the big head at that time: we sometimes had thousands of unique visitors in a given day; we placed well in an aniblogger competition, surpassing really well-established blogs and ultimately losing to the one that would win the contest; and we were pretty well known among our base audience. But a lot has changed in just a few years, and sometimes I become discouraged or even upset. What can I do to...
  • Dropping Inuyashiki and the Bad Feels from Anime

    I’m a little embarrassed. I sang the praises of the first episode of Inuyashiki, both online and in real life. But two episodes in, I dropped the series. Can I just go in my hole and hide now? The thing is, Inuyashiki continues to be a show with high animation quality and one that I think is packed full of interesting content, the type of questions and ideas that we love to dig into on Beneath the Tangles. I’ve been reading Oishi’s episodic posts on the show, and it seems that the series is exactly what I thought it was, which I would personally characterize as enthralling. It’s worth the watch. But still, I dropped it. I’m not a...
  • Christian Panels, Hentai, and a Deeper Love at Aki Con

    In times past, anime conventions have always been a high of excitement and pure joy. However, with Aki Con, I was quite the ball of nerves and fear. For an otaku, an anime convention is like the equivalent of Disneyland for the preschoolers I teach gymnastics to. It’s a place where one can find acceptance for their strangeness, and friendship at every panel. I adore conventions when all I have to show others is my extreme love of anime, but this time around, I was going to take the next step and share some other parts of myself that could easily be rejected. I struggle with leadership and getting people to do things that I ask of them because...
  • Happy Pocky (and Pepero) Day!

    takari pocky day
    That’s right, today is Pocky Day—and for Koreans out there and others who otherwise prefer Lotte Pepero, its Pepero Day, too! (A little trivia: Pepero Day is just as much a marketing tool as Pocky Day is, but it also has a Valentine’s Day kinda feel in Korea and even in the U.S. among Korean-Americans.) To celebrate our favorite chocolate/preztely snack, here’s a small gallery of anime characters eating Pocky. Enjoy, and let us know in the comments which Pocky flavor is your favorite! Mine is Matcha Green Tea! 😀 Note: All illustrations are used with permission, either explicitly or by the artist noting that reposts are allowed. Miku: 雨陌 | ♡ Victor: Pingo |ユーリ!!! on ICE Girl 1:...
  • Kino’s Journey ~ The Beautiful World ~ Episode 6: Are You in Control?

    kino mountain
    Episode six of Kino’s Journey is a high mark for me—it’s a compelling episode that’s difficult to watch, one that’s full of mystery yet tidied up by the end in all but the question it poses us about luck or fate (or if you have a faith, God). Kino is barely present in the episode, only appearing at the beginning where she stumbled upon the final scene of the story shown in the episode, and near the end as well.  Instead, the episode centers on a slave girl later named Photo, and her short time living with her owners. Photo is treated very poorly by her owners, even by the children in the traveling family of merchants. Yet, both...
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