• Annalyn’s Corner: Leave the Pokemon Village

    Pokemon Indigo League ep 10d
    For a long time, I felt out of the loop whenever Pokémon came up. It seemed like half the anime fans in my generation watched or played Pokémon growing up. Meanwhile, I didn’t watch anime until I was sixteen. My family didn’t have Cartoon Network, so I didn’t even watch dubbed anime in ignorance, like many of my friends. I never had a video game console, and none of my friends were into the card game. So whenever anime fans got nostalgic, I was left clueless. I finally found the Pokémon anime on Netflix, researched which was the first season (Answer: Indigo League), and started watching. It’s definitely a kids’ show. I can’t say I’m a fan. But the tenth episode, “Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village,” managed...
  • Newman’s Nook: You are More, I am Less

    In episode 9 of Angel Beats, Otonashi finally remembers hows he died. We see the subway crash he was involved in. We see him underground, trapped with others who were on the subway with him. We see him serving as a leader to the survivors. We see him, in the end, die. To his final breath, Otonashi was serving others. The moment he awoke from the crash he used what little first aid skills he had to help others. After tending to all the wounds, Otonashi worked with the others to round up all the supplies. He tried to lead the survivors by remaining calm. It worked. He tended to everyone’s wounds day by day. When one of the men went crazy...
  • Guest Post: Pride Comes Before the Fall

    durarara guest post 1
    Because of our emphasis on community here at Beneath the Tangles, we’re pleased to bring you a guest post written by community member Micah Marshall!  Micah is a frequent commenter and runs his own Christian anime blog, Christian Anime Reviews.  While we are a Christian website, one of our goals here at Beneath the Tangles is to foster discussion with anime fans of all religions. We hope that you enjoy reading what our community has to offer and will consider submitting a guest post of your own. Remember, we welcome posts from all writers, regardless of their beliefs! General Disclaimer: Beneath the Tangles does not necessarily advocate the theological views expressed in any article labeled “Guest Post.” – – –...
  • What’s In a Logo?

    For many years, Beneath the Tangles has existed without any key visual to represent it. This approach served the site well, as Beneath the Tangles has always been treated as a medium for community and conversation, not about “branding” in the business sense. A centralized visual element, like a logo, is not something to be taken lightly. It is meant to communicate an organization’s mission and name without compromising itself simply for visual appeal, and it is also something meant to last: A logo that changes often represents its organization as well as a person who changes often (read: not very well!). But after all these years, as Beneath the Tangles has burgeoned, our social media presence has expanded, and our...
  • The Secret Stars of Anime: Invaders of the Rokujyoma!?

    That, or Koutarou just has attachment issues.
    When it comes to the theme of this column, which is “hidden gems of anime”, one of the shows that represents this theme best personally is the 2014 show Invaders of the Rokujyoma!? (Japanese title: Rokujyouma no Shinryakusha!?), not so much because I think it is one of the best anime ever, but it was a show that I did not think of too highly at first, until the show surprised me with how good it ended up being. At first it looked like just another harem light novel adaptation, featuring a bunch of girls with a variety of classic anime-esque backgrounds: a ghost girl, a magical girl, a girl from a clan of underground people, and a high-tech girl from...
  • Annalyn’s Corner: Haikyuu!!, Grace, and Boldness

    Haikyuu 2 ep 17: Ennoshita saves ball
    In sports anime, characters have to learn that their failures don’t define them—or their place on the team. Once they learn they are unconditionally accepted, valued, and forgiven, they’re able to play without any more pressure than necessary. I’ve noticed this often on Haikyuu!!, but the most recent episode struck me in a slightly different way. For Ennoshita, Tanaka, and Yamaguchi, it’s essential to deal with their guilt—whether real or just perceived—in light of the team’s real feelings and their own abilities. Only then can they boldly fulfill their roles on the team. This pattern is a familiar one, one that applies well in real life—Christians must go through a similar process of embracing their security in God’s grace in order to...
  • Newman’s Nook: There is No Greek, Jew, Ishvalan, or Amestrian

    In Volume 16 of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga, we meet Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong and her crew near the northern border of Amestris. One of the members of her group is a man of Ishvalan descent. This is a problem for some as they were at war with Ishbal and slaughtered many of their people, but not her. When confronted about the whole thing in the past, Armstrong responds by saying, “Race, ethnicity, gender, class. Any type of prejudice can only lead to weakness…we must be a single force! Let nothing weaken our resolve.” Major General Armstrong is a soldier and more than anything has realized a fundamental truth – race has no place in managing her forces. If they...
  • What the “Incomplete Powers” of “Charlotte” Can Tell Us

    I recently stumbled on the anime Charlotte. Intrigued by the fact it’s by the same producers as Clannad and Angel Beats! (both of which I adore), I started watching. As a general, spoiler-free summary, the show follows the story of Yuu Otosaka, a young boy with the special power of taking over people’s minds/bodies for 5 seconds, and his run-ins with other adolescents with different powers. The anime’s got some comedic moments, as well as some pretty intense feels in the middle of the series (you kinda’ see them coming, but you really hope you’re wrong about the plot, but then you’re right and then they slam you). One thing that I noticed as a subtle, consistent theme, though,...
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