• Kino’s Journey -The Beautiful World- Episode 3: Live to Harm

    Kino and Hermes’ next visit is to a most unique country – a moving one. They spend several days (maybe I missed it or maybe it’s not clear why they were in difficult shape before this journey and needed to stay extra time here) in a gigantic, tank-like, steam powered structure filled by a happy populace. The massive unit rolls through lands and borders, leaving destruction in its wake and, as seen in the second half of the episode, sometimes rolling through country’s sovereign borders with little regard. I admit I waited for a twist in this episode, but the twist was that there wasn’t one – from the very beginning, we see the destructive nature of the city,...
  • Newman’s Nook: The Face We Show the World

    I’m watching two new shows this season. My first impressions can be reviewed here (Himouto! Umaru-chan R) and here (Love is Like a Cocktail). They are two different series with very different characters, but they do have a common thread. Let’s discuss a little further....
  • Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2 Episode 2: Do You (Not) Love What I Love?

    love live sunshine aqours
    The good news for Aqours is, they get a second chance to save their school. If they can raise the number of prospective students to 100 by the end of the year, the school will stay open. Considering that they only have 10 at the moment, it is a daunting task, but they are thankful they have the chance to begin with, and with the open house rescheduled, they have a great opportunity to boost registration numbers. However, the qualifiers for the next Love Live competition are also coming up soon, and with the rule that no previously-performed songs can be performed, the group now has to write two new songs: one for the open house and one for...
  • Sharing (Ramune) is Caring

    rei kiriyama
    It’s so good to have March Comes in Like a Lion back! As challenging as the content is, the show is a breath of fresh air, full of wonderful direction, quirky animated bits, terrific music, and sincere characters. Episode 23 eases us back into the series, with a focus on an important match in the world of shōgi and, in the second half, Rei’s club activities in which he teaches the science-minded members shogi and then makes homemade ramune with them (someone is going to have to help me out here – I’m guessing this is more like, ramune concentrate?). As mild as the opening episode may be, it ends on what I think is a really important note,...
  • When Community Fails: Tomoya and the Failure of Clann

    The beauty of Clannad is in how it shows love expressed through family of all different kinds – that kind of love has the power to heal, to restore, to give life, even in the midst of extraordinary difficulties, even when life itself isn’t fair. There’s a sincerity to the series that’s lacking in most anime; even though the series incorporates elements like fantasy and slapstick comedy, it’s centered right here, right in the heart. Maybe it isn’t surprising, then, that a story that so positively emphasizes community realistically (if not intentionally) also demonstrates how it can fail. Major spoilers ahead. If you haven’t watched Clannad, I suggest you turn back from this page, go to the interwebs, and...
  • Poll: Your Name’s Live Adaptation and the Sacredness of Anime

    kimi no na wa shooting stars
    The other day, an Instagrammer I follow posted a a photo from an article indicating that The Rock had been cast in the live action adaptation of Kimi no na wa, which had earlier been announced as the latest project for J.J. Abrams. The comments were fast and furious (da-dum-tss), claiming that Hollywood was again screwing up an anime treasure. The folly of the Internet, of course, is that so many people don’t take the time to see if a story is accurate. In case you’re wondering, this one is not. But that led me to think about some of the recent adaptations that audiences have reacted to poorly. The new Death Note received near-universal criticism. Ghost in the...
  • The Ancient Magus Bride Episode 2: Welcome to Magic

    elias angelica chise
    Episode two of The Ancient Magus Bride plunges us into a world of magic and sorcery, setting some of the ground rules in this universe and providing some context for the story. I was reminded very much of Harry Potter; though the magic system works differently, the wide-eyed wonder in learning about it is just as present (not to mention that the show takes place in Britain and magic shops exist in this series, too). Chise begins to learn how to use magic and learns more of her potential power in being a sleigh beggy; she also discovers that becoming an apprentice can be dangerous. Elias first takes Chise to visit the mage and artificer, Angelica. While there, Angelica...
  • Kino’s Journey -The Beautiful World- Episode 2: Avengers

    If any of us were still wondering if Kino’s Journey -The Beautiful World- was a sequel or a remake, this episode answered it as a reenvisioning of an episode previously animated: “Colosseum – Avengers.” Kino enters a country which she has heard is beautiful and peaceful, but immediately finds herself impressed into a gladiator-style tournament. Players in each round of the of the playoff style battles gain victory by killing his opponent or forcing them to yield. Kino, a smart competitor and an ace in gun draws, excels in the tournament. Of course, it’s not enough in Kino’s Journey that the bloodlust of the crowds are shown. A further theme comes to light later in the episode, and mostly...
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