• TangleCast 7: The Significance of Our First Anime (1/3)

    In part one of our three part series on “The Significance of Our First Anime,” JP (Japesland), Casey (CutsceneAddict), and Jack (R86) share the first anime that they had ever seen. From Christian-bashing of mainstream imports of “Japanese cartoons” to simply wanting to know what all the hubbub was about, each member of our panel offers a unique perspective on the entry point to the world of otaku-dom. What was your first anime? Comment below! As always, every episode of The TangleCast will be covering a different topic, from anime reviews, to discussions on spirituality, to listener mail, and everything in between. Please feel free to join the conversation by commenting below, submitting a question to podcast AT beneaththetangles DOT com, or chatting with...
  • The Secret Stars of Anime: Kimi ni Todoke

    Not pictured: Kazehaya, the actual love interest. He's in pretty much all the other posts on this show on the blog, though, so click the "kimi ni todoke" tab for pictures.
    I haven’t talked too much about shoujo series in this column, so I think it’s time to bring up one of my favorites in Kimi ni Todoke. There are many reasons why I love this show: the main character is easy to empathize with, and the central romance is sweet and refreshing (and completely avoids the overdone “bad boy” romantic interest). In fact, there are plenty of posts on this blog already concerning the show’s overall solid romance, so I will talk about another reason why I love this show: how well it portrays friendships between girls. The main character, Sawako Kuronama, has a gloomy look that, combined with her long black hair, makes her look like Sadako from The Ring,...
  • Annalyn’s Corner: The Role of Imagination and Wonder

    Arrietty's room
    I recently watched The Secret World of Arrietty, and I was struck by the way its details not only captured my imagination, but planted an urge to create my own story. With great interest, I followed Arrietty through her family’s home—a pile of bricks on the outside, but a homey, uniquely decorated house on the inside—and later, with her father, into the main house for her first borrowing expedition. I noted the makeshift ladder inside the walls and wondered if they were made from heavy duty construction staples hammered into the posts. I listened with interest to nuggets of Borrower history from Arrietty’s parents and from the humans. But I wasn’t content merely enjoying the results of others’ imagination....
  • Kiznaiver Episode 7: Fireworks in the Rain

    Kiznaiver 1
    This episode, unlike the others, immediately opens with the opening song, which I feel is very indicative of how we’re now digging deep into the story and characters, and for this particular episode, a hook at the beginning was no longer worth splitting up the action with an OP. I realize I’ve never commented on it until now, so I may as well mention that it’s very unique, beautiful, and as the story has been unfolding I’ve started to pay greater attention to its details. The Kiznaivers are sitting in a restaurant, and Nico is crying. They did manage to find Ruru’s house, and spoke with her still-grieving parents, who explained that Ruru was died from kidney disease. They...
  • Newman’s Nook: Anime is Weird, But So is Christianity

    Have you ever tried explaining anime to someone who really never watched any of it? I mean really tried to get into the nitty gritty explaining it to them? Anime is super weird and so is manga, at times, and it can be challenging to explain some of your favorite series to people. I’m going to explain a few series to you now. Imagine a world where three teenage girls who go by the name of out of date Sega consoles dressed in school-girl uniforms themed after the consoles. The three girls are in a special school run by a rabbit who we only see in glimpses on a computer screen. The school sends them into old and new...
  • TangleCast 6: Sex Scenes in Visual Novels

    air vn screenshot
    This week on The TangleCast, JP (Japesland) and Kaze discuss the issue surrounding sex scenes in visual novels. While our podcast is nowhere near long enough to cover all the points of such a serious topic, we bring up a couple arguments both for and against sex scenes. We hope this helps you gain a deeper understanding of the visual novel medium and perhaps even an interest in it. For further reading on the topic, you can read the two recent articles by Japes and Kaze, as well as Kaze’s analysis of Saya no Uta. As always, every episode of The TangleCast will be covering a different topic, from anime reviews, to discussions on spirituality, to listener mail, and everything in between. Please feel free...
  • Gaming with God: The Origin of Our Depravity

    I have reached the conclusion of Tales of Xillia 2, and what an ending it was! There are actually three endings: a bad one that can be seen before entering the final area, The Land of Canaan, or the last choice that you make which leads to the death of one of the characters. The game continues after completion with new quests, bosses, a hidden dungeon and the ability to replay from the beginning with your items, levels or other bonuses. It was the introduction of the creator of the worlds, Origin, that got my creative juices flowing, though. He is the maker of all spirits and has appeared in several other Tales games. Hearing him talk about the souls of mankind...
  • Sex Scenes in Visual Novels

    It seems like just yesterday that the localization of visual novels was primarily a fan based effort. Yet, recent official localization projects have surprised many – from the 10 year old but very beloved Clannad to the incredibly popular but supposed “lost cause” Muv Luv Alternative. Higurashi is well underway, with Umineko close behind. Beyond localizations, both Key and Frontwing have plans to release English visual novels before the Japanese release, indicating very strong interest in the market outside Japan (with age joining the party, that really only leaves Type-Moon as the final boss). What is most striking is that many of these novels have chosen to release their product on Steam, which as I said before, means we...
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