• Newman’s Nook: Priorities

    Yo-kai Watch has included some fun, mini-episodes throughout it’s airing focusing on individual yokai in interesting situations. For a while there was a mini-episode series entitled, Komasan, Movin on Up (Komasan Shīzun 2 Inakamono wa Bara-iro ni) which followed everyone’s favorite yokai with flames on his head, Komasan, as he suddenly skyrockets through the Dandai corporation moving up from Janitor to CEO in rapid fashion. In the process, Komasan’s free time appears to disappear. He spends less and less time at home. He also spends less and less time with his brother Komajiro. As Komasan realizes what he’s lost, he has a choice to make. Does he continue on effectively running Dandai with the stress, but also the perks of...
  • TangleCast 34: Game – Kantoku-san 2/2

    Continuing our game from two weeks ago (JP is a pathological liar), JP (Japesland), Kaze, Jack (R86), and Casey (CutsceneAddict) finish questions 2 and 3 of “Kantoku-san.” Missed part one of this  month’s game series? It’s not too late to give it a listen here! As always, every episode of The TangleCast will be covering a different topic, from anime reviews, to discussions on spirituality, to listener mail, and everything in between. Please join the conversation by commenting below or submitting a question at our contact page! iTunes  |  Google Play  |  Podbean  |  RSS...
  • The Secret Stars of Anime: Mahoraba

    One rule I have for choosing shows to cover for this column is that there must be some way to legally watch the show in English. While the overall proliferation of English-language anime streaming has made this not a real issue for more recent shows, it does mean there are plenty of older shows that I would otherwise love to talk about but cannot. However, every once in a while, one of those older shows ends up suddenly legally available in English in some obscure corner of the Internet, which nevertheless frees me up to talk about those shows. In this case, earlier this month, the anime streaming site Daisuki put up the 2005 anime Mahoraba as a premium-subscriber-only...
  • Lost in Translation: God

    ef church
    The issue of translating the Japanese word for “god” recently came up. What do characters really mean when they talk about god and how should we as Christians react when we see characters praying to a supposed god, or insulting God? Subtitles almost always translate the word as either “God” or “god,” and Christians will interpret this seemingly small distinction very differently. Yet, it is far too common for viewers to fail to understand just how inaccurate these translations may be, at no real fault to the translators. “Kami,” the Japanese word for “god,” is used very differently than it is used in English, and combine this with the differences in the languages itself and you have a recipe...
  • Something More: A Hero’s Journey, Grace in Clannad, Anohana, and the Holy Spirit

    Welcome back to Something More, your monthly round-up of spirituality and anime (among other forms of entertainment!) articles. I do my best to search the internet for posts that fit this feature here at Beneath the Tangles. If you happen to find one and believe it merits being on our list, tag us via Facebook or Twitter, email it, or let me know in the comment section. I promise I will take a look and see if it can be added! God bless, and enjoy. It was a little difficult to find my featured piece for the month this time, but just when I was about to give up and try to figure out what to do, this popped up....
  • TangleCast 33: Not Your Typical Thanksgiving

    Instead of celebrating Thanksgiving the boring, old-fashioned way, by sharing what we were most thankful for this year, JP (Japesland), Kaze, Jack (R86), and Casey (CutsceneAddict) break the mold by investigating the anime they were least thankful this year… and finding a reason why they are thankful they watched it! It’s time to dig deep! What was your most disappointing watch this year? Was there anything redeeming about it? As always, every episode of The TangleCast will be covering a different topic, from anime reviews, to discussions on spirituality, to listener mail, and everything in between. Please join the conversation by commenting below or submitting a question at our contact page! iTunes  |  Google Play  |  Podbean  |  RSS...
  • Annalyn’s Corner: On Folklore, Natsume, and Nature

    natsume 5 ep with youkai and Nyanko-sensei
    When I first saw anime containing Japanese folklore, I passed it off as fantasy content. I didn’t think about the youkai much differently than I would about fairies. I didn’t even notice that the word “youkai” was being used most of the time, as translators muddled along with words like “spirit” and “demon.” But over the years, I’ve learned that these youkai still have a more respected place in the Japanese culture than Western fairies and related superstitions do in our culture—even if very few people believe in them. At the very least, their modern portrayals are often fairly consistent with their portrayals from a few hundred years ago—even if creators mix in their own, new youkai with the older legends....
  • Top 5 (+Guest): Favorite JRPGs

    Welcome back to the Beneath the Tangles Top Five! It has been a while since we have done this, but once again, we are back with more lists of our favorite (or least favorite) things! While past lists have focused on anime and manga, this time we are looking at video games, which have been getting more and more coverage on our blog lately. Specifically, we are looking at Japanese role-playing games, or JRPGs for short. With the core gameplay concept of defeating opponents to earn experience to make characters stronger, usually by increasing a variety of stats that determine how much damage you deal or take, the Japanese have gone in all sorts of directions with RPGs. They...
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