• Something More: To Akame Ga Kill or Akame Ga Save?, Berserk’s Mercy, and Shinigami Eyes for Christians

    This will officially be my final column of Something More. It’s been such a pleasure to use my Google keyword skills (ha!) to hunt down articles at the crossroads of faith and fandom. Never fear: you haven’t seen the last of this column. Starting October, I’ll be passing the torch to Samuru, so send him some great articles to get his first edition of Something More off on the right foot! In the meantime, I’ll see you space cowboys over at the Tanglecast. Anime loves its Vash’s and Naruto’s–messianic archetypes who extend a hand of redemption to even the most hardened of sinners. Something intrinsic to human nature (and certainly to the Christian faith) recognizes the priceless value of...
  • TangleCast 24: Is Anime Getting Worse?

    In an attempt to answer the million dollar question (in the title of the episode!), JP (Japesland),  Jack (R86), and Kaze discuss their views on the questionable quality of anime in recent seasons, and the apparent lack of new classics springing up in recent years. Is anime actually getting worse, or is it just an product of watching too much? Maybe all three of our podcast hosts this week are just crazy! Listen in to find out! We always include a bit in every episode description letting people know that we want to cover many different topics in The TangleCast, and we always mean it! If you have anything you’d like us to talk about, whether it’s about religion, about otaku culture, Japan,...
  • DAYS – Work With All Your Heart

    “All things in life worth having take work.” This is probably from some famous proverb or quote, but I know it as something my mom said to me quite often as I grew up. Whenever I wanted something, but didn’t feel the need to put in the work to get it, I would be prompted with that reminder. Often I would put in half effort and not see the results I wanted, and my mom would ask me, “Well, did you try your best?” Upon answering honestly, though I probably hadn’t been, she would remind me yet again that “all things in life worth having take work.” That’s an easy concept to remember and apply when your payout is...
  • The Secret Stars of Anime: Momokuri (and Gender Roles in Relationships)

    Is Momokuri one of the best shows this season? Not really. In fact, honestly, of all the shows I am actively following, it is probably my least favorite. However, that just says more about the quality of the shows I have chosen to follow this season, as Momokuri is still quite good. It is mostly a fluff show that you would watch more just to revel in its cuteness than anything, but underneath all that fluff, there is surprisingly a lot to look at regarding romantic relationships. Momokuri was originally released online way back in December 2015 as a series of 26 twelve-minute episodes, before starting to air this Summer season with two episodes a week put together to make one full-length episode. The...
  • Orange Episode 12: The Truth

    As the final episode draws near, the mysteries of the past and future are slowly coming to light. After the recent disastrous shrine visit, Naho theorized that perhaps the reason Kakeru took his life was because of their argument. At the time, it seemed very likely. But now we finally discover the truth about Kakeru, and the inconsistencies in his personality finally click together....
  • Love Live! Sunshine!! Ep. 12: Go Your Own Way

    Aqours just cannot seem to catch a break. Every time they seem to make some progress, they encounter yet another setback to their goal. Their first concert was nearly a disaster, their trip to Tokyo had them find out just how far behind in the competition they were, and while they do pass the qualifiers and their PV has gotten a massive number of views, they find that all this has done nothing for their school popularity, with there still being zero applicants for the upcoming open house. Compared to µ’s, who by the time they had qualified for the Love Live had long since had their school saved, it is yet another harsh reality check for these girls that...
  • Newman’s Narrative: Rejecting the Absolute Power

    WARNING: Spoilers ahead for a manga and the associated anime that ended six years ago. Just saying. In volume 22-23 of the manga, Alphonse Elric had a secret up his metallic sleeve. He had a philosopher’s stone. He pulls it out in order to help defeat, or at least stall, the homunculus known as Pride. As he’s able to stall them and knock both him and the powerful, evil Alchemist named Kimblee. Alphonse is able to temporarily imprison Pride and defeat Kimblee. While standing before each other, knowing he is evenly matched Kimblee asks Alphonse why he does not merely use the power of the philosopher’s stone to restore his body, restore his brother, and just disappear. He could get...
  • TangleCast 23: Game Week 2

    tanglecast game week 2 carnival phantasm
    Our special game week four weeks ago went so well that we decided to try playing Magnum Opus again using some of the categories we didn’t have time for last time! JP (Japesland), Casey (CutsceneAddict), Jack (R86), and Kaze provide some fun opinions on which anime should get a magnum opus, eternal rebirth, or complete extinction. And, just like last time, please play along in the comments below! We can’t let Kaze always have the last laugh! As always, every episode of The TangleCast will be covering a different topic, from anime reviews, to discussions on spirituality, to listener mail, and everything in between. Please join the conversation by commenting below or submitting a question at our contact page!...
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