Columns or specials that are archived here but no longer updated.

Annalyn’s Corner

Annalyn explores her musings as Christianity and mingle in her personal life, offering special thoughts for others to consider.

Posts every other Tuesday

Examining Light Novels

Medieval Otaku looks at Japanese light novels from a Catholic perspective, providing readers with difficult theological and philosophical questions.

Posts every other Wednesday

Lost in Translation

Kaze applies the principles of translation to important factors in a Christian’s spiritual life.

Posts irregularly

Newman’s Nook

Holding both Christian theology and a passion for anime, MRNewman seeks to marry the two concepts into something that will challenge readers.

Posts every other Friday

The Secret Stars of Anime

Every once in a while a great anime comes out that simply gets overlooked. Stardf29 seeks to address this issue in this column!

Posts every other Tuesday


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