First Impressions: Land of the Lustrous

Who would win: gems with swords vs moon people?

In the far-off future, humanity as we know it has ceased to exist, and in their stead, 28 crystalline lifeforms known as the Lustrous have now inhabited the earth. The Lustrous frequently face the threat of the Lunarians, and must fight against them to prevent themselves from being kidnapped to the moon to be used as jewelry and decorations. The series puts the spotlight on Phosphophyllite, a young, vain gem who, due to a clumsy nature and incredibly fragile body, has been relegated to the job of creating a natural encyclopedia rather than the desired task of fighting the Lunarians.

I’ve had some interest for the series from back when the anime was announced, so imagine my pleasant surprise when I finally saw the first episode! The visuals were breathtaking to me, which is more amazing considering it was all done in CGI. It was great to see Phos start to grow a bit once they had their encyclopedia, as well as see them start to care for the lonely gem Cinnabar. There seems to be some Buddhist imagery and symbolism going around, which is interesting but is also something that I have barely any knowledge on, unfortunately. With that said, I’m going to keep an eye on this show, waiting for what’s gonna happen next as the season goes on.

— thathilomgirl

Land of the Lustrous can be streamed on Anime Strike and HIDIVE.

Michelle’s current studies have transported her from the tropical, sunny Philippines to the wildly unpredictable weather of Melbourne. When not busy with the struggles that befall a university student, she usually spends her time connected to her laptop, thinking up ideas for stories and characters, or exploring through the city by herself for ramen and milk tea.

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  • MithrandirOlorin
    9 October 2017 at 3:24 pm

    Is Code:Realize gonna get a first Impressions here? I’m pretty excited for it. Most of these shows I’m waiting for the Simuldubs for.

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    • TWWK
      10 October 2017 at 11:11 am

      I have no idea…it just depends on if one of our writers picks it up!

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