• The Secret Stars of Anime Auditions: Shounen Maid

    Generally speaking, I like to focus this column on shows that have finished airing, or at least have completed a season in full. This is not to say that I will never cover currently-airing shows, just that if I do cover them, like I am this time, there is always the caveat that the show could end up not living up to whatever promise I thought I had seen in it. Consider this an “audition” post: an early preview of a show that could later on become a full-fledged star. And in the case of Shounen Maid, I think its chances of stardom are extremely high. Unfortunately, I think that a lot of people were turned off to Shounen Maid from...
  • Annalyn’s Corner: Jealous of Sakamoto and Jealous of God

    Sakamoto ep 1 catching eraser
    In case you didn’t notice: there was no post in my Corner last week. My column has turned biweekly for the time being, as I take on other writing and editing projects—such as this article about anime and religion on MAL. Busyness has cut my anime intake down. I’ve only started three of this season’s anime, and I’m only caught up on one of them: Sakamoto desu ga?, aka Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto. It’s about a first-year high school student who quickly makes a name for himself as the coolest kid in school. All the girls crush on him, and most of the guys are jealous of him. He’s stylish, he’s smart, and no matter how many pranks his jealous...
  • Kiznaiver Episode 3: Fatal Jumping and the Seventh Member

    Kiznaiver 34
    For some, the third episode is a pivotal milestone. If an anime has failed to capture their attention after the third episode, they drop it. Although I don’t normally adhere to this rule, I can say that Kiznaiver has been compelling enough so far that I would definitely continue past this episode, even if I weren’t reviewing it. As with the last episode, we pick up exactly where we left off. After Honoka confesses to being a murderer, she quickly switches to pretending she’s just joking. I don’t believe it for a second, but if it were really a joke, I would be severely disappointed. She asks how they’re going to get out of their predicament, and Sonozaki says...
  • Something More: (Gnostic) Titan Jesus, Christian Freedom in JRPG Airships, and Humility Levels Over 9,000

    Artwork by Moni158
    I get excited whenever I see Christ and Pop Culture publish a piece qualified for the “Something More” column, and this one is certainly an original. I never imagined that the JRPG airship trope could convey so many spiritual truths about freedom and responsibility. Looking back on my memories playing through the Final Fantasy series (especially that first Final Fantasy–talk about plot-stopping, randomized battles), I distinctly remember sighing in relief when I finally took the wheel of that elusive airship. Suddenly I could soar over those annoying enemy swarms, going anywhere a landing pad allowed me (and at thrice the speed, too). Side-quests? I had access to all of them, whenever I wanted. All that freedom empowered the open-world...
  • A Little Iris: the Bleeding Heart

    A Little Iris
    The Narcissu 10th anniversary translation project continues with its recent release of A Little Iris. Unlike the previous Narcissu stories which deal with terminal illness, A Little Iris takes an incredibly different approach to the topic of life and death with even a completely different time period of roughly the tail end of the Dark Ages, although the countries are fictional, so that’s only to be used to get an idea of the setting. As always, Christianity takes a somewhat important role in the story but once again in a very different way than before. While faith and God are mentioned several times, what is highlighted is the Crusades, where those of faith were led to believe in Holy...
  • TangleCast 2: Our Favorite Mediums

    otaku mediums
    This week on The TangleCast, JP (Japesland), Kaze, Jack (R86), and Casey (CutsceneAddict) discuss their favorite otaku mediums, from TV anime, to manga, to visual novels (and everything in between!). All four members have different favorites, and bring unique perspectives as to why they prefer one over the other. As always, every episode of The TangleCast will be covering a different topic, from anime reviews, to discussions on spirituality, to listener mail, and everything in between. Please feel free to join the conversation by commenting below, submitting a question to podcast AT beneaththetangles DOT com, or chatting with us on Discord! iTunes  |  Google Play  |  Podbean  |  RSS...
  • Gaming with God: You Can’t Complete The Quest Alone

    Hello again my wonderful readers! I hope you’re enjoying your April, and your otaku diet as well. Aside from Tales of Xillia 2, I finally beat Infamous: Second Son and am now getting to Batman: Arkham Knight, which is one of my favorite franchises (I’ve beaten the other three games). As I get along with Tales of Xillia 2, I’m hoping to come to its conclusion as I’m getting closer to finding the Land of Canaan and fighting the final boss. Of course, the game could pull a 180 on me and make go much longer, but it’s not like this series to do that so I’m not expecting it. I am not spending tons of time on the side quests like collecting cats, beating...
  • Christians and Porn Games

    fate stay night
    It’s no secret that eroge is popular in Japan. In fact, these “porn games,” also referred to under the much larger category of visual novels if I may take the liberty of oversimplifying the medium, are often the object of many otaku’s interests. An entire genre of game that revolves around the inclusion of pornographic content seems, at first glance, to be the source of great division among fans. Thus, it may come as a surprise to many that we, as a Christian site, also like a number of visual novels, some of which are wholesome. This medium can often be rather controversial, especially in the West, where pornographic content seems to be viewed a bit more strictly, so what...
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