• Love Live! Sunshine!! Ep. 7: Trouble Brewing in Tokyo

    I do not have a lot to specifically talk about this week, because this week’s episode is largely setup. With the success of Aqours’s latest PV, the School Idol Association invites the group to Tokyo to perform at a special event. It is an opportunity the group naturally jumps at, being both a chance to further their group’s popularity and also a chance for these country folks to visit the big city for once. Sure enough, a lot of the show features the antics of the girls as they try to dress appropriately for the city and explore what it has to offer. However, the focus is on the event, which doubles as a competition among various school idol groups....
  • We’re Giving Away 10 Narcissu Anthology Season Passes!

    Hey everyone, we have some super exciting news today. As you could guess from the title, we are having a Narcissu Anthology season pass giveaway! For those unaware, we of Beneath the Tangles (well, at least Japes and I) are big fans of Narcissu for its respectful inclusion of Christian faith in its stories that present characters who are forced to face death in the form of terminal illnesses. Although Narcissu 1 and Side 2nd were available for free already, the rest of the stories were left untranslated. Last year, Sekai Project announced the Narcissu 10th Anniversary Project, localizing the rest of the games as well as a brand new one. The translation process is actually still ongoing, and today, Narcissu: Zero...
  • TangleCast 18: Finding God in Planetarian

    planetarian tanglecast
    As evidenced by its placement on our Visual Novel Recommendations Page, it’s no secret that we love Planetarian at Beneath the Tangles. Now that we’ve finally received the highly-anticipated 5-episode ONA adaptation, JP (Japesland), Casey (CutsceneAddict), and Kaze are very excited to present and discuss some of our thoughts as to what makes this unique narrative so compelling, especially from a spiritual and/or religious perspective. And don’t forget to check out the articles by James that we reference throughout the episode, parts one, two, and three! And if you haven’t seen Planetarian yet (shame on you!), stream it for free at Funimation!   As always, every episode of The TangleCast will be covering a different topic, from anime reviews, to discussions on spirituality, to...
  • Lunar Silver Star Story: Wind’s Nocturne Analysis

    maxresdefault (7)
    Music is a big part of my life, as I listen to it for hours every day. Mostly it’s for background purposes, whether at the gym, during prayer and worship, or while reading, writing, or driving. I never realized how important it was to my life until several years ago, nor did I notice that video game music (VGM) had made such an impact on me. After discovering OCRemix (a website dedicated to remixing VGM from every era or console) and listening to older tunes from some of my favorite games, I got hooked on the genre. There have been a few touching songs that have left an imprint on my heart, and one of those is from Lunar: Silver...
  • The Secret Stars of Anime: ReLIFE

    ReLIFE is one of the more interesting new anime this summer for a couple of reasons, perhaps most notably how it was released: all 13 episodes of this show were made available for viewing at once. The entire show was made available on the Japanese “comico” website, and Crunchryoll put up all 13 episodes at once for premium subscribers (non-subscribers would be allowed to watch the show at the usual one-episode-per-week rate). As a premium subscriber myself, I was able to watch the entire show, and the show itself is really good. It has a very likable cast of characters with some strong character development. While the show does not do anything extraordinary, it is very well-executed for what it...
  • Orange Episode 6: All This Time

    orange anime 5
    We’ve reached the halfway mark of Orange, and it’s easy to see that though it employs many standard romance tropes, the story is very solid and well told. But this episode has left such an impact on the first half, it has overturned all of my assumptions regarding how much ingenuity the story contained. After the first episode, I mentioned my concern that Naho sending a letter to her past self was putting more pressure than a young teenager could bear alone. Saving someone’s life is a daunting task, especially when it isn’t just a simple matter of avoiding a certain dangerous circumstance but actually involves providing emotional healing to someone so they won’t be a danger to themselves. This is...
  • Love Live! Sunshine!! Ep. 6 (+ Locodol OVA): All Together Now

    One of the complaints I hear a lot about Love Live! Sunshine!! is how it feels too much like a carbon copy of the original Love Live! anime, just in a different setting. The characters are similar, the episodes introduce characters and songs in the same places… Unfortunately, the latest episode does not help counter this argument, as once again, the school the Aqours girls go to is in danger of shutting down, and they must raise attendance numbers to save it. Considering that saving a school was the foundation of the plot of the original anime, I can understand why some would be put off by Sunshine’s adopting the same plotline. After all, the girls were initially motivated...
  • Newman’s Nook: Death and Acceptance

    A few weeks ago my Grandfather passed away. It was hard for me for a variety of reasons. It was the last Grandparent my wife and I had between us. It was challenging for my children, especially my 7 year old son. He had an actual relationship with his GG (what he called my Grandfather). He remembered playing with him. He remembered him walking around. He remembers pictures we have of him and my Grandfather from various times in his life. It was a challenging few days for the funeral, but with family and friends we move on. We have to as death comes to us all eventually and there is no escaping it. When I think of death...
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