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  • Lynna’s Adventure in Japan (or, in this case, Thailand): Part 4

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    Hello, everyone! It feels like an eternity since I was last in Japan, but also like I was leaving for Thailand just yesterday. I feel a little sad to have left Thailand so soon, especially because of all the amazing people I met there, but it’s nice to be back in somewhat familiar surroundings, and in a country where I actually know some of the language, even if I’m still working at it. If I were to share everything that happened, this would be super long, so I’ll try to stick to the highlights. The first few weeks we spent working with a Thai man named Pat. We didn’t have a schedule, and most days we only had a...
  • Gaming With God: Tales of Zestiria as the Tale of Salvation

    Hey, everyone! I’m filling on for Samuru for the “Gaming With God” post today! I hope you all enjoy, despite me not being the regular for this column! I wanted to talk about the game Tales of Zestiria. Every time I’m playing Zestiria, I am reminded constantly of the big-picture story of Christianity. Frankly, if I didn’t know better, I’d almost argue that Zestiria was designed to be a thinly-veiled Christian game. Why? It is full of symbols that closely represent key components of Christianity. I’m going to point out bigger ones and explain them – there may be minor spoilers in this if you haven’t played the game, but none of it will be things you won’t find...
  • Annalyn’s Corner: Giving Rakugo Shinjuu a Chance

    An image from the ending sequence. The two characters in the center are Sukeroku and Kikuhiko (later Yakumo).
    It’s easy to get in a rut with the kind of anime you consume. I entered the fandom in a pre-made rut, applying the same prejudices I had about live action movies and YA fiction to animation. If there weren’t explosions, sword fights, martial arts, or some similar form of excitement, I wouldn’t give the show a shot. Thankfully, my voracious appetite for anime forced me to consume whatever anime sounded halfway decent, even if it didn’t have explosions. Eventually, Prince of Tennis proved that sports anime could hold my attention. Now I actually have an appreciation for sports, and I can hold a decent conversation with the athletes among my family and friends. Eyeshield 21 even took away my disdain for football—I still...
  • Something More: Born-Again Mewtwo, Christian Manga, and the Last Shoujo Supper

    Greetings everyone, Cutsceneaddict here: Tangles’ resident manga columnist (Between the Panels), cosplayer, and sushi-addict. Something More has always been one of my favorite columns at Tangles, and I’m excited to be carrying on the torch. From here on, Something More will only be seeing one post per month instead of its usual two, but my goal is to make them as thorough and streamlined as possible. Without further ado, let’s dive into a month of Mewtwo, Mikasa, Mashiro and more! Our founder Charles (TWWK) kept Something More (and the whole of Tangles) running like a well-oiled Gundam for years, and I feel it’s only proper to highlight an article of his for this month’s feature: it’s a well-written piece...
  • Himeko’s Epilogue: Friendship Beyond Religion

    As you may already know, I am very supportive of the Narcissu visual novel, particularly the 2nd one with its inclusion of Catholic faith as a major component in the story. Thus, when the 10th anniversary project was announced and that brand new Narcissu stories were going to be written and officially released in English, I was pretty excited. The first of 4 promised stories was recently released:  Himeko’s Epilogue. Himeko’s Epilogue occurs between Narcissu 1 and 2, except that might be a bit confusing because Narcissu 2 is a prequel to 1. Either way, as one can easily surmise from the title, this epilogue brings closure to Himeko’s story. Although very short, I must say it was a...
  • Examining Old School Anime: Sin and Humanity

    Anime no Tame ni
    Man and sin are, as it were, two distinct things.  What savors of man, God made; what savors of the sinner, man made himself.  Destroy what man has made so that God may save what He has made. -St. Augustine The above quote recurs in my mind as I consider several stories, from The Revenant to Werewolf Cop to Akame ga Kiru to, most recently, Cat’s Eye.  Cat’s Eye happens to be a rather random choice of an anime for Crunchyroll to have added to their site.  Before seeing it on that site, I had never heard of this 80’s anime.  A visiting friend of mine picked it out for us to watch precisely for its 80’s-ness, and I found it good enough to...
  • The Secret Stars of Anime: Non Non Biyori and the Simpler Life

    non non biyori
    So apparently, the overall best anime of 2015, according to Beneath the Tangles writers, is Non Non Biyori Repeat. And while one could argue for various other shows being better, the Non Non Biyori series as a whole definitely has a certain appeal to it that has made it a well-loved series by its fans. While the show most definitely falls in the category of “cute girls doing cute things”, several things about this show distinguish it from others in this category. The most notable aspect of Non Non Biyori is its setting. It takes place in the fictional rural town of Asahigaoka, based on actual Japanese rural towns. As you can imagine, daily life in Asahigaoka is quite...
  • Annalyn’s Corner: What is Freedom?

    The gang from what Harry remembers as "freer" days. From left to right: Jolice, Brandon, Kenny, Harry, and Nathan (ep 25).
    The best anime—really, the best stories in any medium—capture a little bit of what it means to be human. The characters wrestle with themes like freedom, death, family, love, and corruption, whether in dialogue or action, and the audience relates, because we’re trying to figure out how and why these themes play out in our own lives. That, I think, is one reason I love Gungrave so much. There are several blog-worthy themes throughout the anime. Today, I’ve narrowed it down to freedom, an important topic to several of the characters, whether they’re ambitiously reaching to obtain some ideal freedom or wondering what it even means to “be free.” [There will be spoilers, but a lot of this is revealed or...
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