• Review: In This Corner of the World

    In This Corner of the World Funimation PG-13 128 minutes At one point during In This Corner of the World, the reflective, violent, and humorous look at the Japanese life near WWII Hiroshima, a character opines that “The past and the paths we did not choose make us who we are today.” Though said in the context of a relationship, it’s a good quote to define the film: when tragedy occurs, whether in or out of your hands, you can still make choices about where you want your journey to lead. The heart of this animated war film is Suzu, a cheerful, dedicated, and absent-minded young woman (child at the film’s beginning) who has a talent for drawing. Much...
  • The Healing We Bring Each Other “In This Corner of the World”

    Suzu Urano Hojo
    In one of many moments of reflection from In This Corner of the World, Shuzaku explains to his wife, Suzu, “Our voice won’t reach those we never see.” A simple comment, but a profound one, and perhaps the center at the center of what keeps the characters in the film moving forward through unspeakable tragedy, and what helps us all when we suffer as well. In This Corner of the World takes place in and near Hiroshima in the years leading to and following the dropping of the first atomic bomb. Suzu, the heroine of the story, is kind, earnest, youthful and absent-minded. She was made for a peaceful time where her determination, cheerful attitude, and love would multiply,...
  • Sir Gawain: Knight of Castlevania

    We’re proud to present this guest post today from Matthew Gunn. He’s written a number of articles about anime and faith for Christ and Pop Culture and also posts musings on his own blog, Thought Disposal. Please let us know what you think of his article in the comment section below! I need to make a confession on the front end: while I am certainly a nerd (and can provide credentials upon request), I had never actually played any Castlevania content before watching the Netflix exclusive series Castlevania. Therefore, since I am not knowledgeable with regard to game-vs-series distinctions, this is not going to be that kind of review. I can, however, offer you my love of stories and...
  • Annalyn’s Corner: Fastest Finger First and Unknowledgeable Knowledge

    Beneath the Tangles | Fastest Finger First and Unknowledgeable Knowledge
    I’m only following a few anime this season, each carefully chosen to keep me from thinking too hard during my limited free time. One of them is Nana Maru San Batsu, or 7O3X: Fastest Finger First. It centers on a high school first year, Koshiyama Shiki, who gets sucked into his school’s Quiz Bowl Circle. Basically, it’s a sports anime, except with quizzes and a bunch of nerds. So right up my alley. Anyway, in episode 8, our characters head to Asagaoka, an all-girls Catholic school, for their first “regular meet.” The Asagaoka team goes all-out as this meet’s hosts, using their school’s religious nature for theatrical effect. They come out on stage dressed as… nuns. Okay. It’s anime,...
  • Wedding Guestbook: Wish Our Own Emdaisy1 Congratulations on Her Wedding Day!

    mikasa bride
    Tomorrow is a special day for one of our own! Emma (Emdaisy1), our webmaster and Jill of all trades, is getting married! The three of us who are already in that blessed state – Samuru, MRNewman, and myself – are offering just a few words about marriage below, but we’d love for you as readers to help us wish a blessed day and marriage by commenting so that this post will serve as our guestbook for Emma. Thanks in advance for the comments and helping to make her day just a teensy bit more special! Samuru’s Words of Wisdom Hey there Emma, I just want to start by saying how happy it is to know you’re joining the married...
  • Newman’s Nook: Enjoyment

    In January, I read through the Beneath the Tangles Fall Anime review like many of our readers/staff. In it, I read through Japesland’s review of Nobunaga no Shinobi (Ninja Girl and Samurai Master). I already enjoyed anime shorts, (I mean – I’m constantly plugging The Nameko Families to anyone who will listen), so the idea of a silly short steeped in Japanese history intrigued me! So, I jumped in and devoured the series. Now, I look forward to the new 3 minute episode each week and it inspired me to write here on the topic....
  • Beyond Broken: Rintaro Okabe and Loving When You Can’t

    Steins;gate gets really good when one character dies…over and over and over again. I remember first watching Steins;gate and really finding it compelling, but it’s also notoriously slow: the moodiness of the colors, the unique personalities of the characters, the leisurely unfolding plot. And then it suddenly becomes incredibly engaging right at the point I mentioned above, which is also when Okabe starts to break under the emotional pressure of the loss he endures. Note: Spoilers ahead! Okabe is such a weird and fascinating character. He’s the one we see events through, so he has to be normal in some sense, someone we can relate to. In certain moments he is, but most of the time he’s over-the-top and...
  • Tomoya Okazaki is the Reason I Don’t Drink

    Have you ever filled out one of those memes on Twitter or Tumblr where you talk about your anime favorites? The questions are like, “What’s your OTP?” and “Anime or manga?” Sometimes it’s difficult to give just one answer to those questions, but there’s one that I have no problem with. It’s the question that asks which anime character I’m most similar to. That one’s easy for me: it’s Tomoya Okazaki, the protagonist of Clannad. He and I don’t share any superficial similarities, but we do share a similar frame of mind, one in which we work hard for others at our own expense, hiding deep needs and longings inside until they blow up. Our self-destructive behavior is also...
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