• First Impressions: Convenience Store Boy Friends (Konbini Kareshi)

    konbini kareshi convenience store boy friends
    Convenience stores in Japan are small national landmarks. Offering a variety of food and everything from toiletries and daily necessities to manga and magazines, these places become the best friends of anyone living in Japan. One of these stores also serves as the central setpiece of the anime Convenience Store Boy Friends (Japanese title: Konbini Kareshi). Here, new high schooler Haruki meets a girl who reminds him of a girl from his past, while his friend Towa meets up with his fellow class rep and finds out she likes reading shoujo manga. Many other couples will also find connections and possibly even love with the help of this store. The episode starts off with nearly two straight minutes of...
  • First Impressions: Action Heroine Cheer Fruits

    action heroine cheer fruits
    All Mikan Kise wanted to do was make her younger sister happy. They were going to see the hero show of Kamidaio, one of many “local heroines” created to promote small towns, who had gotten popular nationwide and was scheduled to perform at Mikan’s rural fruit-selling town of Hinano. However, when the show is cancelled due to production issues, Mikan tries to cheer up her heartbroken sister by telling her she’ll still take her to a Kamidaio show, and after panicking over how to fulfull such a promise, she enlists the help of her athletic schoolmate and Kamidaio enthusiast An Akagi, and the two set up, practice, and perform a mock Kamidaio show. Despite the show obviously being a...
  • Boku no Hero Academia Episode 27: Perspectives

    gran torino kicks deku
    What would it take to make the great All-Might shake in his boots? An evil super-villain? An all-consuming demon? No, none of those – just a man so old he’s shriveled to about a third the size of his former self. Episode 27 of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) finds Midoriya starting his internship with the only man that would accept him, the senile (?) former teacher for All-Might, Gran Torino. He’s the kind of old master we’re used to in many shounen series – funny but wise. And among the wisdom he throws forth at Deku is to explain to him that the young hero-in-training needs to perfect his craft, and demonstrate to him that he...
  • First Impression: The Ancient Magus’ Bride

    I am not often interested in anime that is heavy on magic use, for the reason that it can get into satanic rituals and symbols which I stay away from. The cover of this show seemed different, and inviting, so I gave it a try. The first episode doesn’t explain much, as you are thrown into the life of Chise, who is living in a magical home. A messenger bird arrives with tons of books for her to study, sent by Angelica who seems to be a friend, on magic. Her teacher, Elias, wears some animal skull on his head (is that his real head, or a mask?) explains that they may be too difficult, but that it’s time he...
  • Josh’s Manga Roundup: Akira, Jojo, Uzumaki, and Ranma 1/2

    Aside from video games, my experiences with Japanese pop culture recently have centred around manga; picking up drawing as a hobby has led to a renewed interest in the sequential art of both east and west. In light of that, I intend to give a round-up of some of the noteworthy manga I’ve dipped my toe into as of late....
  • First Impression: Fastest Finger First (Nana Maru San Batsu)

    Nana Maru San Batsu
    Nana Maru San Batsu, retitled Fastest Finger First for its English-language run, is more literally translated “Seven Right, Three Wrong,” which is noted at the end of episode one as being a common device in quiz bowl shows where a competitor needs at seven right answers to win, but loses with three wrong ones. That’s just one thing we discover about the world of quiz bowls in the opening episode for the show, which follows the meek Shiki Koshiyama in his first couple of weeks of freshman year as he discovers his school’s quiz bowl group. Koshiyama picks up a quiz form from hyped-up circle leader Sasajima, and though he’s very good at answering the questions, he discovers he...
  • First Impression: Tsuredure Children (Second Opinion)

    I decided to also check out the first episode of Tsuredure Children. As TWWK already given his first impression, I’ll let him give you a summary of the series: Based on a 4-koma web manga, Tsuredure (Tsurezure) Children follows several different high school couples as they navigate relationships. Each episode is only 15 minutes long, with episode one spending several minutes each on a couple. Wikipedia explains that the series is ultimately about “how hard it is to say ‘I love you.'”...
  • First Impression: Dive!!

    My first impression of the new anime about a boys’ diving team came before even one second of the actual anime had elapsed, when I saw the noitaminA credits sequence roll by. My thoughts immediately turned to the same company’s ill-fated baseball anime Battery, which last year I found to be a directionless hodgepodge of potentially interesting ideas, none of which was ever brought to a conclusion. I hoped against hope that noitaminA was not planning the same route for Dive!! but before the episode was half over, it became evident to me that my hopes would again be dashed if I continued watching. Certainly viewers hoping to see lean muscular teenage boys wearing almost nothing will get everything they want in...
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