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    As Beneath the Tangles continues to grow, we depend on the general financial support of our patrons to help us engage readers through our different arms. Our social media outlets don’t just exist to drive you back here; they are themselves sites in which we try to reach you in different ways with different staff leading those efforts! So the work we do here isn’t just supported by our wonderful volunteer staff—it’s also made possible directly through your contributions. Starting today and continuing through Friday, we’re having a mini-drive for our Patreon account. I’m asking that if you like what we do, you’ll consider becoming a patron, contributing $2 a month to our efforts. That may not sound like...
  • Kino’s Journey ~ The Beautiful World ~ Episode 5: Liars and Lovers

    kino and hermes
    Episode five of Kino no Tabi concerns itself with how we choose to live our lives. It begins with Kino finishing up a stay in a country. She and Hermes speak to another motorrad, once belonging to that country’s greatest hero, but now standing still and on display as an artifact at a museum. The bike feel he’s in “hell,” stuck and unable to do what he is meant to: to ride. Most of the episode, however, focuses on Kino’s next journey, to a nation where she meets a man who has gone insane waiting for his lover, apparently now on a journey, to return to him. We later find that she neither went on a trip or leave...
  • Newman’s Nook: We Don’t Know What’s Best

    Episode 17 of Elegant Yokai Apartment Life (Youkai Apato no Yuuga na Nichijou) is entitled, “The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions.” It is fitting as the episode progresses and we see the interactions between the various characters. The newest teacher at the school, Aoki, has frustrated many of the characters with her good intentioned interference in their lives. While that topic may be worthy of an entire article on its own, I feel an important item to note is the Bible verse she reads early in the episode. Aoki is one of the English language teachers. During the episode she reads to them in English telling them it is important mostly to hear the words in English....
  • A Fear of Failure and the Need to Recreate

    No one enjoys failure. I think most of us, though, accept that failure is going to happen, that it’s even necessary to grow because it demonstrates a life that reaches beyond its typical boundaries, a willingness to experiment and change, and the possibility of identifying one’s weaknesses. But there are those of us—and I’m firmly in this group—that have a devastating fear of failure. It might be because we’ve grown up with such success that defeat seems wholly and unacceptably wrong. It may be because of expectations placedupon us, either by family or ourselves. It may just be because we’re fearful of the pain that accompanies loss. Whatever the reason, if you fit in this group, you’re in good...
  • The Good, the Bad and the Monstrous

    Naoki Urasawa’s horror/thriller manga, Monster, begins as if it’s going to be a medical drama. Dr. Tenma, a talented young surgeon, is working at the Eisler Memorial Hospital in Western Berlin during the mid-80’s. His experiences there are dispiriting, as he finds that the hospital administration takes a mercenary attitude towards the profession, showing favoritism towards high profile patients and research that will make the hospital look good. As the hospital director bluntly puts it to him, “our primary calling is to advance medical research, not to save lives.” Tenma is soon put to the test when he is about to operate on a young boy called “Johan” with a serious bullet wound and is commanded at the last...
  • Seven Creepy Anime for Halloween (That Aren’t Too Scary)

    cute anime halloween girls
    I am not a fan of horror anime. I used to love scary movies, but that time has since come and gone. Nowadays, I stay away from things that give me frights, and am even more wary of series that feature gore/graphic violence (sorry, Inuyashiki, I barely knew ye), frightening or otherwise. But I can handle series that are a bit spooky, that put me on edge, that are more psychologically chilling – in fact, I sometimes really enjoy them. Here are seven anime that manage to be creepy without going full-on horror. Oh, and they’re also all really, really good series to boot! Happy only-kinda-scary Halloween! Claymore I just said that these were all really good series, but...
  • The Laws of the Flesh and the Spirit in R.O.D.

    Recently, I gave the Read or Die manga a chance.  The OVA and TV series have been great favorites of mine from my first years as an anime junkie.  And so, I hoped for good things from the manga, which derived from a light novel–back when light novels had no special stigma against them.  If our dear readers, like me, have watched the anime versions, they’ll be happy to know that the plot in the manga bears no relation those anime.  Volume one covers the kidnapping and rescue of Nenene Sumiregawa, who is a high school student and literary prodigy in the manga.  Volumes two through four concern Ridley Van’s mission to avenge the slaying of his friend and...
  • Kino’s Journey ~ The Beautiful World ~ Episode 4: Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

    kino and hermes
    Episode four of Kino’s Journey was an unusual one, even by Kino no Tabi standards. The action turns around and focuses on Shizu, with Riku the dog as his companion, rather than on Kino and Hermes. He boards a ship country and becomes one with the local populace, bonding especially with a non-speaking girl named Ti. As he walks through the ship day after day, he begins to realize not only are the residents’ lives unsustainable, but their entire nation will soon sink. The twist here is that the guiding class is actually comprised of A.I. units, who let Shizu take command after he defeats them (along with Kino’s help). Shizu frees the people, but they don’t want to...
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